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LanceStat slopping detection

Slopping Prediction and Lance Optimization

LanceStat originally developed by Nupro and now commercialized by Tenova Goodfellow  Inc. is online hardware and software that monitors the decarburization process in steelmaking vessels to provide advanced warning of the onset of a slop event. Sensors detect changes in the physical and chemical reactions occurring within the vessel. This technology is currently installed or underway at 6 BOF vessels worldwide.

LanceStat detects slopping within the vessel and recommends remedial action
leading to the following benefits.


  • 20 – 40 seconds advanced warning of the onset of a slop event
  • Advanced warning facilitates increased productivity by avoiding unnecessary slow downs
  • Improved lance life
  • Increased yield
  • Lower oxygen consumption
  • Increased safety
  • Reduced maintenance and repairs

System Features

  • LanceStat monitors each heat for changes in process stability.
  • Operators are notified in advance of a slop event so that corrective action may be taken.
  • LanceStat sensors are positioned remotely to the process and require minimum maintenance.

Additional Features

  • Interface to plant data network
  • Custom operator interface
  • Historical data archiving
  • Can be integrated to other BOF process control technologies for improved end point control and automated tapping control.

For more information on LanceStat slop detection technology, please contact:

Tenova Goodfellow Inc.
7070 Mississauga Rd. – Suite 170
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada L5N 7G2
t: (905) 567-3030  f: (905) 567-3899

“keep the heat in
the vessel”

side view of vessel after a material ejection

side view of vessel during material ejection

Example operator interface showing analog style gauges and historical

Historical trend showing furnace slopping (data inside red ellipse)
during a 20 minute oxygen blow.

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