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NuFlux ladle slag treatment

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NuFlux – Engineered Materials

Computer-controlled twin dispenser.

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Use NuFlux to remove oxygen from your slag.

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Shipment of 50 lb drums for integrated steel plant.

NuFlux at tap

Slag conditioner added at tap.

NuFlux in the ladle
Slag conditioner added at the Ladle Metallutgy Facility

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An excellent cost saving, productivity and steel quality tool.

NuFlux ladle flux system produces a thermally insulating, fluid, basic, efficient slag with excellent metallurgical properties to maximize alloy recovery, minimize alloy fade, and protect ladle refractories.

What are the benefits of using NuFlux at Furnace Tap?

Minimize furnace slag carryover and add NuFlux reagents to produce an ideal ladle slag with the following advantages:

– a fluid ladle slag is created at tap with reduced FeO

– less lime and flux required to build ladle slag

– faster ladle met treatment

– less LMF heating required

– excellent thermal insulation

– better deoxidizer and alloy efficiencies

What are the benefits of using NuFlux at the Ladle Metallurgy Facility?

NuFlux further reduces the slag FeO and MnO to required levels and improves steel quality in the process. The reaction product includes CO/CO2 gas that creates controlled foaming during arc reheating. This increases slag volume, buries the arcs and generates a protective atmosphere above the steel, providing:

– quiet and stable arcing

– better heating efficiency

– less nitrogen and carbon pickup

– better alloy recovery

– less alloy fade

– decreased ladle slag line refractory attack.

What is NuFlux?

NuFlux is a blended calcium carbide based ladle slag modifier that reduces the FeO and MnO content of your ladle slag affordably and with the added benefit of steel quality improvement. As a result of using this product, alloy recoveries are higher, less lime and flux are required, steel cleanliness and inclusion modification are enhanced and secondary metallurgy operations are faster and more reproducible.

Where is NuFlux used?

Our customers include integrated steel producers, mini-mills and steel foundry shops. Packaging is available in intermediate bulk containers (IBC), plastic bags packed in steel drums, or steel pails. NuFlux automated feed systems with process control deliver reagent from the IBC to the ladle using dry carrier gas.

NuFlux can be added during furnace tapping to remove oxygen from furnace slag and steel. It can also be added during ladle metallurgy operations to reduce arc flare and improve arc heating efficiency.

How does NuFlux work?

Reducible oxides in the slag, primarily FeO and MnO, react with the calcium carbide to produce iron, manganese, gas and lime (CaO), as shown in the equations below. The other components of the NuFlux product then help to dissolve the CaO and facilitate the release of the CO which burns to CO2 as it contacts the air above the slag.

NuFlux equations

How is NuFlux different from calcium carbide?

Unblended calcium carbide tends to only partially react after addition to the ladle. Upon addition, the surface of the carbide particle reacts to form a protective layer of CaO. The remainder of the calcium carbide particle then reacts unpredictably and depends on the removal of this CaO layer.

NuFlux has special additives that perpetuate the reactions in a controlled manner so as to efficiently utilize the reductant to completion.

How does NuFlux compare with aluminum slag deoxidizer?

Aluminum reacts to form an acid oxide that requires lime to neutralize. Aluminum addition to the slag often results in excessive fuming, phosphorus and silicon reversion, and caster nozzle clogging. NuFlux reacts to deoxidize steel without excessive fuming, producing a basic slag that enhances steel cleanliness and inclusion shape control. There is a lower tendency to revert silicon and the level of slag deoxidation can be better controlled.

How do I implement NuFlux?

The applicable NuFlux blend and practice is engineered using our thermodynamic and mass balance model. Our engineering team will review your slag chemistries and practices to determine the optimal NuFlux blend or to design a custom blend for your application. The optional Slag Manager system provides least cost ladle slag management on a heat by heat basis. Nupro Corporation makes NuFlux easy to use by training operators and providing expert technical support to its customers. Use Nupro slag control tools to help minimize and standardize slag additive consumption.

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