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Slag Manager ladle flux and alloy model

Slag Manager …Hit Your Target


Slag Manager is online hardware and software that automatically calculates and adds the least cost and technically optimal flux addition to every heat of steel.

Slag Manager systems can be configured to include raw material supply, material hoppers, and injector stands for each of the flux components.

Cost Saving Benefits

Minimize flux requirement

Increase ladle refractory life

Improve arc stability

Better metallurgical control and steel quality

Impoved alloy recovery

Reduces need for skimming after tap

System Features

Slag Manager selects flux additions through the use of steel batch history, available material compositions and costs, mass balance, phase diagrams and optical basicity mathematical models to attain predictable removal of impurities and to match refractory materials.

Slag Manager allows creation of foaming slags through chemically controlled gas release which is non-oxidizing, allowing better thermal insulation and, through lower density, requires less slag mass.

Slag Manager uses calcium carbide and aluminum in least cost and technically optimal proportion to reduce FeO and MnO in the ladle.

Additional Features

Optional advanced sensors such as slag detectors and vision system cameras for slag detection

Interface to plant data network

Optional automated multi-hopper flux mixing system

Custom operator interface

Historical data archiving

Creates Optimum Slag Properties:

Provide continuous partially molten oxide phase on the surface of the steel

Capture and retain inclusive non-metallic material present in the steel

Be non-oxidizing with respect to the steel

Control sulfur content of the steel

Be non-corrosive to ladle refractory linings

Promote stable arcing during electric arc reheating in the ladle

Protect the steel from contact with the atmosphere

Provide thermal insulation

“Take care of the slag  and
the steel will take care of itself…”

IBC (intermediate bulk containers) feed to the automated flux delivery system.

Nuflux LMF additionAutomated flux addition with local HMI at ladle furnace

Nupro Corporation – Process Tech, Slag Detection, and Ladle Stirring