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Slag Detection – ladle slag detection and tap stream slag detection updates

Vibration monitoring of the ladle shroud has proven to be the most effective and lowest cost method of slag and vortex detection during ladle teeming at the continuous caster. Only one sensor is required for each manipulator arm. no special ladle hookup is required. no sensor inside the ladle, 99% up time.

Low cost near infrared imaging provides slag detection on EAF and BOF tapping streams. Optional patented furnace tap angle guidance system ensures minimum slag carryover and greatly reduces secondary metallurgy treatment costs.

SlagTracker ladle slag detection system – exciting new features!

The SlagTracker is the most cost effective and reliable continuous caster ladle slag detection system. The technology has been proven effective in over 30 installations. We are pleased to announce new available options:

ladle shroud alignment – reduce air aspiration, even tundish temperature, prevent steel short circuiting in the tundish

integrated visual slag alarm – pour box camera provides continuous image and features back up slag alarm

TruStir Korea

Nupro commissioned six TruStir ladle gas stirring systems at steel plants in Korea. The systems were installed on 2 VAD’s and 4 ladle metallurgy furnaces (LMF’s) and are used for normal process operations and process improvement.

SlagTracker Systems in India

Nupro commissions 2 more SlagTracker systems in India. The SlagTracker detects slag carryover between the ladle and tundish. The system incorporates a near-IR pour-box camera for nozzle alignment and flux coverage monitoring.

NuproCorp Website Launch

Nupro Corporation has redesigned its website to provide dynamic content with RSS feed.

LanceStat Commissioned

Nupro Corporation has completed commissioning of a LanceStat system on a 300T BOF in Europe. The system incorporates slopping prediction and lance optimization.

AutoTap Commissioned

Nupro Corporation in conjuction with other sub-contractors commissioned the first AutoTap system in North America. Nupro supplied the near-IR cameras for viewing the furnace lip and ladle during tap. Nupro software was used to calculate the recommended tap angle of the furnace to follow. Nupro algorithms were implemented in the furnace PLC for other automatic tapping functions.

Nupro Corporation – Process Tech, Slag Detection, and Ladle Stirring